Organic honey

Having an organic agritourism, it seemed right to dedicate myself to the bees: these small animals that are fundamental for the role they hold in nature. And I discovered an incredible world: the hive.

Bees live and work happy in my garden, in the countryside between Sorrento and Massa Lubrense. Clean air and pesticide-free flowers. The result of their patient and industrious work is honey, something that cannot be described but only tasted.

In their world, everyone has an indispensable role, every single bee contributes to the good functioning of the hive, and the end result is for everyone

We could take them as an example…

The honey extraction takes place a couple of times a year. The honey obtained characteristics vary according to the flowers present in the area.

Our guests can enjoy honey at breakfast, along with all our other organic specialties.

Together: men and bees can have a future.

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